Welcome to my own page, the ultimate “hey, Ma, lookit me”!

I have worked at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for more years than I ever intended, and am variously classed as a secretary and computer operator. In 1995, I designed the Web pages for the Faculty of Humanities and all its departments, services, and associations, and for the Department of Physics and Astronomy (some of the pages have since been redesigned). In January of 1996, I moved to the McMaster University Medical Centre to work as an enthusiastic paper pusher for a remarkable research scientist in Health-Related Quality of Life. In May 1999, Liz retired and moved to England, and I stayed on in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics to work with the equally amazing OKATT Research Team. It’s a very worthwhile and interesting occupation!

My leisure hours are full: family, friends, and dogs; the seasons and all of nature’s wonders; music, art, and theatre; traveling, canoeing, and hiking; spinning and knitting; creative cuisine (heaven help me); love and laughter. In more than half a century of celebration, I’ve learned that life is an adventure — it’s what happens while we’re making plans. So carpe diem — put that daytimer away and try a little “virtual travel”! Just fasten your seatbelts and click on the links.

Thanks for visiting!

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